Thursday, March 3, 2011

Add a P to the PPD...

Now, I don't have kids yet (which isn't all that bad now that I know - per my sister's last post - that it could lead to me eating paper to survive), so bare with me on this one...

My friend’s baby is precious, but she cried the entire time I was taking care of her. Cried might be an understatement. It was more like crying and screaming mixed together. It made me feel so bad like I was doing something wrong. I couldn’t figure it out, so I just had to let her cry.

After she left, I fell onto my bed and didn’t wake up for 2 hours and didn’t even want to get out of bed after that, but I made myself. I started thinking this might be what postpartum depression (PPD) kind of feels like. Maybe it’s a long stretch, but I think I suffered a bout of it today.........I googled it and one of the causes is “worries about your ability as a mother.” The baby crying for all 2.5 hours that I was with her put me in a huge funk and made me question my ability to be a good mom. Like…if I can’t figure this out…I’m going to be horrible at this whole mother thing…so then I just felt like sleeping the beautiful day away.

I know what your thinking, “Amy, don’t be stupid…you didn’t actually have a baby, nor are you even pregnant…there’s no way you could be suffering from that!!!” AND since I’m well aware this, I’m willing to settle on my little episode being referred to as “Pre Postpartum Depression” (PPPD)!!!

Now you're thinking I might be on to something with this theory...or just on something...period.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So....seeing that we have a couple followers in addition to our mom I thought we might need to step it up a notch and really let you all into our world....Many mornings, in the rush to get out the door with 4 young kids, I just forget to eat....Such was the case this past Sunday as I didn't even realize I had an empty stomach until we sat down for the sermon.... Gahhhh, I just knew my stomach was going to start growling and the panic that took over me, for fear that others would hear, made my heart race....Why do I even care?? I don't know but, in a dire need to suppress the sounds of my hunger, I ever so quietly started tearing up my church bulletin and eating it....Just a few tiny pieces, but it sure did do the trick....Thanks God for making trees so we could make paper so I could eat a little of it during church....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling Peachy

Let me start off by apologizing to all of our followers (aka the two people I successfully threatened into following us) for my sister using the "F" word in her last post. Okay, moving on...

Headed to a potluck tonight! Holler!!! Potlucks are fun, but they can also be scary because you don't know who made what and if they have skillzzzz in the kitchen.

Since The Saltlick's Peach Cobbler tastes pretty amazing and its beyond easy...that's what I'll be taking. People love it. Seriously. Its so good that it will make you want to slap your mama. Fo' rizzeal.

Whatever the occasion, make this peach cobbler for dessert and you won't disappoint!

Peach out my peeps...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bong Long O Gong

What? You might say.....but not if you are fluent in the Ong language...As far as I know, my husband's family invented it...You know how you spell things out because you don't want your kids to know what your saying or maybe you need to communicate a word you don't want them repeating over and over in some embarrassing public experience....Sooner than you think, your kids learn to spell and it all can kind of backfire. I mean, my Kindergardner is already pretty unnerved when people use the "D" word, as he calls it, (dumb) or the "S" word (stupid) and ,of course, the "F" word......(fart)....Eventually, you have to move to Plan B....or rather, Plan O...ONG....

It's genius really...For each consonant in a word you say the sound of that letter and add "Ong" to the end. For each vowel you say the letter as is....For example, say you don't really like the word "blog" nor do you want your children to repeat that you, in fact, do "blog". Every time you find yourself needing to communicate said word you can just "Ong" it real quick....Bong Long O Gong. Or say you need to roll off the "d" word or the "s" word as mentioned above....go for it. Dong U Mong Bong or Song Tong U Pong I Dong. Practice long enough and you can be rolling out full blown sentences and appear to be, in fact, bilingual speaking both English and some foreign dialect.

When your kids are old enough you can let them in on the secrets to your vernacular....or not...just be careful spelling "cold" in "Ong"...My husband's sister loves to get dear old dad to spell that in "Ong"...then we just laugh when he does.

Blogging Conventions Here We Come!!!

So, I just had typed a bunch of super interesting stuff about my morning... stuff everyone would totally care about AND then somehow it all got deleted before I published the blog. UGH! I guess that's the life of a blogger though. I'm not going to let it get me down... oh no... I got to keep on movin'.

In a nutshell I was thanking my sister for teaching us about where the word "blog" came from. She is so full of knowledge. Also, I'm so excited she finally shared with the world the essay she submitted to Pioneer Woman, so she could win some knifes. Maybe one day she'll share with you the short story she wrote about her washing machine. It's really good. I promise. That story would for sure win her something! Oh, and while we're on winning things... maybe one day we'll have prizes to give away on our blog. What things would ya'll like to see on here? The iPad 2 is about to come out. We'll look into that.

Before my post disappeared into thin air, I was also talking about the awesome smoothie I made this morning before I hit up hot yoga. Its called the Coffeefied Green Monster. Wish I could take credit for this energizing concoction, but I can't. I got it from a blog I currently stalk called Peanut Butter Fingers. I don't know the girl, but now that my sister and I officially blog maybe we'll meet Pioneer Woman or Peanut Butter Fingers at a blogging convention or something.

Your turn seeeeester!!! Bye...

Friday, February 25, 2011

So, are we blogging or are we not blogging???

The deal is I just don't like the word "blog"....Kind of like how Amy doesn't like the word "moist".....Can't explain it....What is a blog anyway? I mean, I know what it is because I've read a few....but where did they come up with that word??? Don't worry, I'll Google it real quick cause that's what I do....

Well, some guy apparently made up the word as he combined the two words "web log".....I get it now...You probably already knew that mom...

When I say I've read a few blogs, I mean three....and there is only one I read regularly...I even posted a comment once to enter in a contest to win some awesome kitchen knives....Funny thing is I actually thought they would read my comment...After an hour typing up what I believed to be an acceptable answer, I submitted it only to realize I was number 28,000 and something....Pretty much doubt they read my answer....and I didn't win the knives....Some lady who typed a two second answer and was randomly chosen because she was number 5098 won them....So, here is my chance to be heard...

I will now post my answer here for all of you to read....The question was..."What are your plans this weekend?".....

“what are your plans this weekend?” 

I have learned you can make “plans”….but whether they come to fruition or not is a whole ‘nother 
thing….For instance, I am writing this with my head upside down, blow-drying my curly hair because that’s 
when I check email and the such….My “plan” right now is to finish answering your question in the 15 
minutes or so it takes to dry my hair with this diffuser…My “plan” was just quickly interrupted by the fact 
my three year old just bumped his head on the bathroom doorknob for the second time today and I had to 
pause to love on him…My “plan” now is to finish answering later….All four kids have sick visits to the 

P.S….That “plan” was delayed by the fact that while I was loading the car, I quickly noticed the baby and the 
toddler’s car seats were in my husband’s car…and my husband was at work…which is not at my house…. 

Delay is one of the usual-suspects to thwart my “plans”…SO being that I am not going to just lay my baby 
on the front seat, as apparently my mom did with me when I was an infant, we wait on dad to come 

Waiting is another culprit to my “plans” 

Ok…its 10 a.m. Thursday….Though my “plan” was sidetracked, I am determined to finish because the 
knives you offer have been on my wish list for years…I have lingered over them in the William Sonoma 
catalog thinking how they would so greatly improve my cooking skills if they found a home in my 
kitchen…However, my buying them is usually trumped by the fact I have kitchen “knives”…Well, that’s 
what they call them and, don’t get me wrong, they would be great for people that don’t actually cook…and 
I would gladly pass them along… 
So, my “plans” this weekend include a possible trip to the grocery store on Friday to gather a couple of last 
minute things for Christmas Eve dinner with my family….Hopefully, I will escape without a diaper explosion, 
of sorts, in the grocery cart…Yes, onto my groceries….(I always have wanted one of those grocery cart 
seat liners made of cute fabric….I think they are made to protect your baby from germs…I would like one 
to ensure that a diaper explosion does not leak onto my groceries.) 

Friday night I am “planning” on not staying up too late putting something together…and Saturday morning I 
am “planning” on not be exhausted when I wake up because I “plan” on the baby having a very restful 
night…Christmas day, there will be no family drama…Maybe we’ll sing Christmas carols this year… 

Sunday, we “plan” on loading the car for a 15 hour drive to Colorado to visit family…That is if all the kids 
are well and the pneumonia that put my 3 year old in the children’s hospital last week does not relapse…. 

On our drive, it is my “plan” for my husband to not get pulled over, again, or have anyone throw up in the 
car…If we do get pulled over, my “plan” is for my husband to not get a ticket…He apparently has this 
theory that if you are pulled over, you should roll all your windows down, turn on interior lights, turn off 
your music, take off sunglasses, and place your hands on the steering wheel to avoid a citation…it also can 
work in your favor if you have a screaming kid in the car…. My “plan” is for the baby to sleep soundly 
though I may have to occasionally lean over him to nurse in route while he stays safely buckled in his car 
seat….Has anyone else ever done that??   

So basically, my plan is to make plans and then laugh when they don’t go as I planned at all…because how 
boring would that be???

I totally should have won those knives.....Over and out....

Why we are "not" blogging...

My sister and I had a little "face time" meeting earlier this evening where we came up with a master plan to start a blog together... TWO SISTERS BLOGGING! However, my sister isn't too keen on the word "blog" and she's kind of in luck!!! After I googled how to start a blog, well, I followed the steps to start this blog.

Step 1: Get a new email address for "Two Sisters Blogging." It was available. Yay! Check.

Step 2: Get a blog spot address with the new email address. Ugh! No check, as "Two Sisters Blogging" wasn't available. What now??? I have this new email address and nothing matches! Well, I typed in "Two Sisters Not Blogging" and, sure enough, it was available! Check. Check!!!

Long story short, my sister will be happy to know that we are now kind of "not" blogging... even though we actually are. I don't know, but you follow me, right sister? Right, mom? I'm talking to you two (mom & sister) because you're probably the only people reading this post. Maybe dad will follow and start reading and then maybe even our husbands. Oh, and then our neighbors. Maybe. My grammatical errors may scare some away. I just realized this format doesn't give me a little jagged red line underneath words I spell wrong. I love that line... all formats should adopt the little red line because when there is no red line I think I've gotten all the words right and I don't click spell check. Don't hate.

Oh, and before I sign off... I feel like posting a picture to my first blog post ever. I mean, no blog will really feel too complete without a picture. Hmmmm... not sure what to post??? Ahhhhhh, okay!! I thought of something... something my sister will appreciate - we love us some photo booth!!!!
Hi sister... your turn to write something.